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We hire and train only the very best security personnel. Our hiring process screens the background history of every applicant. Once hired, they are put through a rigorous training program, tailored to suit his/her assignment. Thereafter, each member of the team is periodically refreshed in order to keep him/her abreast of the latest techniques/technologies and methodologies to enable better on-the-job performance and enhanced level of customer service.

Security Personnel are trained using a basic 12 part series consisting of the following:

1.  Asset Protection and Security

2.  Physical Security and Crime Prevention.

3.  Patrols and Fixed Posts

4.  Fire Protection and Life Safety

5. Criminal Law and Criminal Liability

6.  Communications.

7.  Civil Law and Civil Liability

8.  Ethics, Deportment, and Professional Conduct.

9.  Report Writing.

10. Investigations.

11. Human and Public Relations.

12. Emergency Situations.


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